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Why Munaut?

The Munaut (Moo-noh) family name history dates back to the early 1600’s with our French, Belgian and German Ancestors. Among them were decendants of some the first inhabitants of Northern Europe. It wasn’t until the late 1700’s to early 1800’s that the developed multiple spellings of the family name would be combined to the single “Germanized” spelling of “Muno.”

In our family nothing happens without it becoming a family event including everything that takes place with our poodles. We wouldn’t have it any other way! It became apparent to us that the name Munaut would absolutely be the best fit. We have tied our name to our dogs with the love and pride our family name brings to us.

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Munaut Poodles History. This is a newspaper screen shot of my Grandmother's first dog show with her dog Pablo.
My Grandmother's first dog show on August 29, 1954 at the San Diego Kennel Club show with her dog, Hokay's Cinquiem Noir. "Pablo" pictured here winning WD from the 9-12 class for 2 points.
Nate and Erica the owners of munaut standard poodles

Owners Bio

Nathan and I both grew up with poodles during our childhood. You could say it was fate that our paths crossed. Nathan was raised with several white Toy Poodles all of which inherited the name “Snubby.” I grew up with a black Miniature named “Fou-Fou” who was named after the bedtime stories my father would tell us about children and their dog named “Fou-Fou.” She was a wonderful inky black mini with a heart of gold. I will forever miss my little girl and think of her often. For a short while I also owned a black Standard named “Daisy.”  Daisy was an adult when we adopted her from the breeder on a breeder contract. One day my brothers were careless with the front door and Daisy got out and wandered which terrified my mother. Sadly, Daisy was returned that day to her breeder. I was devastated and I promised myself that I would own a standard again someday. My grandmother had raised and shown all three varieties so my father who grew up around them wouldn’t have it any other way then for us to be raised with poodles.

After my beloved miniature “Fou-Fou” passed away and about 5 years into our marriage I convinced Nate to bring home a Standard Poodle. Grace was the most wonderful girl we could have asked for. Nate didn’t need any more convincing. He was the one asking for another shortly after. We soon brought home a beautiful blue girl named Ava. Those two became the best of friends and the perfect foundation for the start of our journey with standard poodles together.

We do not breed very often but when we do our puppies are raised in our home among the family. We believe that this will give them the best start to prepare them for their future family. We are not a kennel facility and do no have cages of any kind.Our poodles are our family and are raised as such  Health, temperament, conformation, and structural soundness are very important to us. We select those for breeding that we feel can offer the best qualities that we want to see. We health test for all genetic diseases that afflict the breed and believe in being as transparent as possible about what we know. We perform temperament testing around 7-8 weeks old. This helps give us a second opinion and additional valuable insight to help match the right puppy to the right home. We selectively breed to conform to the conformation standards set forth by the AKC. Our dogs are shown and evaluated at AKC conformation events. Aside from their great looks we also love seeing some of them involved with performance, obedience, and service work etc. They have the brains to prove it by excelling in these areas!

We encourage those interested in a standard poodle to educate themselves first by learning about the breed. One thing to heavily consider is that Standard poodles have regular grooming needs. Poodles also have various health concerns within the breed that you should become familiar with. You can learn about this by using different resources like the Poodle Health Registry (PHR Database), The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, CERF, CHIC, and by visiting the Parent Club which is the Poodle Club of America. We are always here to help educate too! We do our absolute best to make well educated breeding decisions before bringing little lives into this world. We want to see long lived happy poodles!